Art Commissions & Art Soucing

We undertake Public and Private art Commissions. Contact us and let us know how you imagine your masterpiece. We will create it for you. Kashmir Art Quest is the largest network of senior and emerging artists from Kashmir. If you are an institution or a curator and require assistance with sourcing art from Kashmiri artists, get in touch with us.
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Creative Solutions

Complete branding and marketing solutions based on market research, consumer science, and empirical evidence. Tailored to your company interests.
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Kashmir Archives Project

Kashmir Archives Project will compile, organize and catalog historical and contemporary information about arts in Kashmir and make it available as an open-data library, free for anyone to use and build upon. We are developing a software to collect all this information via our website, so that anyone in any part of the world will be able to contribute and access the library. It will be the most comprehensive resource for researchers, writers, historians, artists, teachers, students and the general public.
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